Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Long Overdue Post

I can't believe it took me almost an entire month to get on here and update everyone. July 29th I had my braces removed. That's right. Been living a month without braces but I went away on vacation in the beginning of August and then I've been working a lot and dealing with other personal issues. But all that aside now I can finally update this blog. This past month has been amazing. Now that the braces are off my confidence has sky rocketed. I go up to people now and talk, I'm more outgoing and I LOVE to smile. I cannot get enough of smiling. =)
I also have been given my retainers. They are slight pain in the ass but I only technically have to wear them at night. However, I know the first two years after having braces are pretty crucial to keep the teeth in position so I wear my retainers nearly every hour of the day. They are like the Invisline and now those annoying wired ones for the top that look like the braces without the brackets. But anyways. Here's 2  new pictures.

This was definitely the best decision I have ever made and if I had to do it all again I would do it in a heartbeat. The surgeries are all in the past now and I'm happy for that. Though I'll admit I thought this day would never come and it happened so fast. Now life needs to slow down so I can enjoy it to the fullest. =)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

4 months post op

I can't believe I just wrote 4 months post op in my title post. I kept counting over and over and didn't want to believe that its been nearly 4 months already since having my surgery. Plus, I noticed I haven't updated this since May. I'm terrible at keeping up with these and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before. Not much has changed since the surgery minus the fact I've been back to eating a normal diet. I've seen my surgeon about 3 times and I'll see her again next week just to make sure everything is still healing correctly. Which is has =)
I've also been seeing my orthodontist every 3 weeks since the surgery. Not to many adjustments had to be done after the surgery. I needed a tooth on my upper jaw to be slightly shifted because it was crooked and he straightened the back lower teeth to line up better with the top teeth. I've also been wearing rubberbands on my back four molars to keep my new bite tight and help it adjust. The rubber bands I have to wear 24/7 minus to eat and brush my teeth. I've become so accustomed to them that I don't even know I'm wearing them anymore. Now onto the greatest news. I was just at my orthodontist on Thursday afternoon and he said next time I come in my braces will be coming off. That's right. They are are already coming off. So on July 29th at 9:15am my new bite and smile will be complete. Can it be next week already or what!?!?!

Oh and for all of you to see. Here's a picture side by side of my old bite to my almost new bite.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6 weeks ost

The last time I posted was about 3 weeks ago. Not too much has happened those last 3 weeks. Just the waiting game and the healing. Things having been healing very well and I cannot believe its already been about 6 weeks since I had my surgery. I've seen my surgeon again in those three weeks because I've been having slight discomfort. She had my remove my rubberbands a week after surgery and to have me wear them at night. However when I went to see her the right side of my jaw was somewhat swollen on the inside but no infection, so she had my put the rubber bands back on again and to come back in 4 days. On Monday I went back and she said everything looked good but to the keep the rubber bands in for more support. Not my favorite idea but I did as she told as I want get through this process as easily as possible. The more I listen to my doctor the better everything will be.

Today I saw my orthodontist and everyone in the office was telling me how amazing I look and how great  my smile is looking. During this appointment my ortho said everything is looking great and he wants to me wear two more rubber bands on top of the two I have in the front of my mouth. My back teeth don't completely touch but its pretty minor so I he has be wearing the bands to pull the teeth together. I'm glad after 6 weeks we are finally moving on to the next step. I just need a little adjustment on my lower teeth and then everything will be perfect. Now all these bands in my mouth are pretty uncomfortable. I can feel the pressure all the way in my temples. It almost feels like my teeth are being pulled downward. But again, unlike in the past I am listening to my orthodontist and doing everything correctly.

As for eating this past few weeks because I'm sure you all have been wondering. I haven't really thought about food that much or worrying. I've had a break down a few days ago saying I'm tired of eating the same crap but overall I've been doing good. Mostly been drinking the Boost still and living on instant mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, yogurt and smoothies. However, today at work I had meat loaf and real mashed potatoes with gravy. The meatloaf was soft enough that I was able to eat it without chewing (which Im still not allowed to do) It was by far the best meal I had in weeks!!!!

On the 14th I'll be seeing my surgeon again. That'll put me at almost 7 weeks post. I'm almost there. Almost at the 8 week mark. That doesn't mean I'll definitely be able to chew food again but hopefully by doctor would be giving me the okay to eat a little bit more than I already have. Wish me luck!

my six week photo update! Very Happy!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

19 Days Post Op

I had another follow up appointment to see how my healing as been and to make sure the stitches are dissolving. Of course they were and I can't believe how amazingly everything is healing up inside my mouth. You can hardly see where the incisions even were. During the appointment I asked my doctor when can I start eating things like pancakes. She told me she would let me know in two weeks. I know it was still somewhat early to be chewing but I thought I'd ask. On the bright side though, I no longer have to wear my rubber bands all day. I only have to wear them at night when I sleep. YAY! So now it would be a lot easier to stretch my jaw and not have to worry about removing the bands and accidentally throwing them away. I can open my mouth to about 2 fingers in length. Not bad, though I can't seem to get that good yawn in yet when I'm tired because my mouth can't open fully yet but I'm getting there. I've been getting very bored with what I'm eating which is basically puddings and mashed potatoes and those Boost drinks (which by the way are super delicious) I don't have the heart to really puree anything. I'm very picky about food and texture is a huge thing that determines if I eat the food. I'd hate to change the texture of my favorite meals and then end up disliking it and never eating it again. However, I did try a green smoothie for the first time today. Not very appealing looking but I it tasted very good. I made it with kale, spinach, an apple, a banana and strawberries. It's a great way to get your intake of fruits and vegetables. But like I said, it doesn't look very appealing and thats a huge thing for me.

On an even better note I took a new photo. This time smiling! =)

I look so bug eyed in my photos. Though this is the first time I'm seeing my smile side by side with my old smile. What a huge difference. (and I still hate my nose) but I can't fix everything =P
And I'm also seeing that I smile somewhat crooked. BUT WOW!!! I can't wait for the braces to come off to see the new smile all complete. I do still need some work done by the orthodontist to tighten my bite in the back of my teeth but WOW. I can't stop staring at the pics because I'm so amazed. Also, Long or short hair!? I like both haha
I'm still somewhat swollen by the lower chin so I feel like its making my chin even pointer. I need to stop looking at things individually and stare at the whole face. But there you go. Transformation almost complete =)

Monday, April 8, 2013

11 days post op

Today I have to go back to work =(
But at the same time I'm looking forward to finally getting back onto a schedule. However, before dealing with work I opted to take a nice walk because its beyond beautiful out and I needed to do a little shopping at Walmart.

Not to much has changed in the last few days. The worst part of this week was when I dyed the underside of my hair I ended up having an allergic reaction. My chest, stomach, back and arms were covered in hives when I woke up that next morning. It was a different hair dye I used than normal. And for those that dye their hair you need to wash it till the water runs clear and this dye told me not to get it on my skin when washing it out so I just put my head under the shower and my sister helped me washed it. However, my jaw was hurting and I couldn't stay bent over so the water ended up running all over me when washing it out. So it was only my guess this the dye is what caused it. However, the swelling is almost completely gone but still some puffiness, but nearly as much to bother me so I'm willing to show my face in public. Lately I have been able to eat a little more such as mashed potatoes and yogurts because I can now remove the rubber bands. I have also been stretching my jaw 3 times a day. At this moment I can open my mouth to about a finger and a half. My doctor wants to me get to 3 fingers length and she said it would be a miracle if I could get 4. I stretch for about ten minutes at a time; open and close, then side to side. But that's about it the last few days, eating more and stretching.

Here's a photo update to show you guys how awesome I'm doing. Don't mind my face being somewhat red. I had just returned from my walk when I took this. =)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A week and a day!

Everything has been going amazingly smooth. My swelling has gone even more, except my neck and cheeks are still pretty yellow from the remaining bruises. Today I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon and it couldn't have gone any smoother. She removed the two rubberbands and I was able to stretch my jaw for a couple of minutes, it felt soooooo good. X-rays were taken and I was able to see what they did during the surgery and it was really interesting. My surgeon gave me new rubberbands and ones that weren't as thick so my jaw doesn't feel like its being pulled so much. She told me I can remove my rubberbands to eat, brush my teeth, and stretch my jaw for about 10 minutes 3 times a day. I'm gonna have keep the rubberbands in for another week and then the next two weeks following I would only have to wear them at night. I could not be any more ecstatic. Prior to the surgery she said the rubberbands would be in for at least 4 weeks and I thought that was going to be torture but now it doesn't sound so bad. 4 weeks will be here and gone before I know it, then in about 6-8 weeks I can start eating almost normal again.

But now, its absolutely BEAUTIFUL out so I'm going to take a nice long walk with my sister and niece! =)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Photo Update!

I said I would have a photos for you guys and I do!

I put this photo up earlier but I figured seeing everything side by side it make it more clear. This ones several hours after surgery. It's tough to see how swollen I actually am because of the ice packs but you can tell my lip is quite puffy.

This photo is so UNFLATTERING. But wanted to show you guys two days post op. I say not so bad though my lip is still huge and now you can see some slight bruising. By the end of the day the swelling that was in my cheeks moved down towards my neck because I did not have my jaw bra on and gravity took over.

Day 4 post op. As you can see my lips are back to normal. =)
You can see the shape of my jawline and my chin is almost a chin again. The bruising has yellowed and as you can see the swelling went down significantly.
It was so beautiful out today and unlike when I took a walk Saturday I did not cover my face with a scarf and sun glasses so no one could see me. Now I just want to boast and be like I only had surgery 4 days!

My secret! ICE...ICE...ICE! I know I said it earlier but I will keep putting an emphasis on this. However, when I was writing this I was icing my jaw and the ice started melting and it leaked through the bag and right on to me =(

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3: Keep on smiling

First I will start off that the season premiere of Doctor Who was Great!!!
Second great news: I slept like a baby last night. I could not have been happier. I believe I woke up once or twice to adjust positions but that's my norm.

I mostly just sat around again for the most of the day and took several naps just because I knew I could sleep comfortably this time. Had my carnation for breakfast and wasn't really feeling to hungry this morning. For dinner my mom made instant mashed potatos and added water to make it to the point I could drink. However, I did have a baby spoon and attempted to eat through the small space between my teeth. Wasn't the most successful as I had to watch myself using a hand mirror to make sure I was over opening my mouth and so I could find it. Took yet another nap after dinner till my brother came to pick me up to bring me to his  place so we can watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Two amazing shows if none of you have watched. Before heading to the house we stopped at pathmark to pick up some cheese and characters so the others over could eat. I saw the strawberry shortcake good humor bars on sale and snatched them up to make a shake. Just threw it in a blender, added milk and pushed liquify. It was sooooo good and  the liquify button mixes it so well the little bites pieces were good enough to drink and not get caught on my teeth. He also had some potato soup at home so of course I blended that up and put it in a cup and drank that as well. I haven't felt this full since Wednesday evening.

So now I'm finally back home and even though I'm ready for bed I decided to ice up one more time before going to sleep. Today was great, so I'm hoping this is just the start to an even better week. Even my parents are amazed with how well the my swelling and bruising have gone down already and the fact that my energy is pretty high. I'm not letting anything bring me down. I want to be back on my feet and feeling great by my appointment on the 5th. I want to walk in and they be like wow, you just had surgery a week ago but you look amazing. I bounced back pretty quick during my first surgery and I was groggy for two days even after that one. I'm feeling a really really good recovery coming my way!! =)

I will probably have a pic up tomorrow so you guys can see how AMAZING I'm doing!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 2: Keep that Morale up!

The hardest part of this whole surgery is keeping your morale up. It's certainly very hard when your face is swollen and bruised, the sleep is horrendous and your stuck on a liquid diet for a few days. This morning I woke around quarter to 7. I was in such a horrible mood. My jaw hurt mostly on my right side as I've been getting the feeling back there quicker than the left side and the muscles spasms are a total b*tch. I felt myself whining for a couple of minutes and said I cannot start my day like this because the rest of the day will be the same. So I got up took a walk around my house, took my anbiotic (which just reminded me I haven't taken my 4 o'clock yet) grabbed some ice and put on the tv. After a couple of minutes I finally found a comfortable enough position to fall back to sleep and was out till about 11. I was beyond thrilled to get 3 hours in.
Afterward my day was just pretty relaxed for the most part. My childhood friend came up from NC yesterday and came by the house today to surprise my family. That really upped my morale as the last time I saw her was in February for a day when I was in NC for another friends wedding. The weather was beautiful so me her, my twin, my older sister, her friend and my niece all took a walk around the block. Of course I wrapped a scarf around my face and through glasses on. (I almost felt like a celebrity in hiding)
The walk felt great as it got my blood flowing, however when we got home I started feeling lousy. I thought perhaps I was hungry as I haven't eaten yet today. Drank about half a pediasure and just felt even worse. So I decided a nap would be my best option. Again, a nap is always the best option. Found another good position were I can lie slightly on my side with slight pressure on my jaw to prevent it from hanging and got a good hour nap in. Now my mommy is making me the broth from the ramen noodles just so I can have something slightly heavier in my stomach in hopes the antibiotics won't upset my stomach again.

I have to say I find my swelling and bruising to actually be less than yesterday. My bottom lip is almost down to size and the only thing thats really tingling and uncomfortable is my lip and chin. Everything else feels good.
My best offer on here to give you guys is to use that ice. Ice as much as you can b/c I really believe that is what helping the swelling. I had the ice on for literally the whole day of the surgery and then the next day and today whenever I was not napping I would have ice on for 20 min off for 10 for about an hour. Also that jaw bra you get when you come out of surgery. Keep that on hand. I was only told I needed to wear it for at least 24hrs after the surgery. It felt good to take off but at night when I slept I put it back on for the support and pressure over the swelling. I do believer that's helped my swelling a lot as well.  Gravity started taking in so the swelling is now all in my lower jaw and partially into my neck.

I also picked a very good weeked to keep my Morale up. I have had Doctor Who on allllll day and the newest episode starts at 8pm. Nothing can make this day better and tomorrow starts the newest season of Game of Thrones I know I am set for the weekend. Just curious how I will feel by Monday, but we'll see when that day comes.

Friday, March 29, 2013

1 Day after Surgery

I have to say I'm quite amazed I can even get on here just 24 hours after my surgery. That should tell you that i'm feeling pretty good, right!? well, for the most part I am but a few muscle spasms here and there that are just painfully awful =(

But lets start from the beginning. Originally my surgery was for 1030am and I had to be at the hospital by 830. But then I received a call the day before and they told me my surgery was now at 830am and I had to be there at 630. That meant that I had to be up by 5am because the hospital I went to was about 45 min away and we'd be driving through morning rush hour. Earlier that night I had awful sleep. I don't think I was nervous, I just wasn't tired. Anyways, we make it to the hospital with good timing, quickly found were I had to go and they called me in immediately.  It was me and one other patient in ambulatory at 630am and not until 8ish did the place start filling up. It was rather cold inside and they wanted me to put on a robe so early. All I could think about was how cold I'd be, but then I saw i had nothing to worry about. I was given an insulated robe that a hose was hooked up to and I warm air was being pumped on my legs and went through the entire gown. It was the greatest feeling ever and actually relaxed me a bit.

I was able to get some reading done as I needed to get somewhat through book 3 of Game of Thrones because the new season starts Sunday. But for the most part me, my mom and dad just sat around until I met all the doctors and the anesthesiologist.
For anyone that does not know I had both my surgeries at LIJ in New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY. If anyone is on the island and close by to this hospital I highly recommend it. The doctors and staff go out of their way to make you comfortable and are the nicest people I ever met. You can tell they all care of about their patients very much.

But now onto the surgery itself. I really was all good and not feeling nervous until I started walking to the operating room and once I walked through the doors I felt lightheaded and my heart was racing. I wasn't this nervous last time. They told me once I lay down they would put a strap across my waist and on my legs to prevent me from moving. Not my favorite as I freak out when I become restricted in any way. Next they gave me a needle for the anesthesia and almost immediately I started feeling it. I also got some oxygen to breath and I felt like I was going to swat it away because I started bugging out alittle as I was still terrified. That is when my surgeon came in and I told her I was really scared.  She said their was nothing to worry about as I did this before and then she told me I could hold her hand till I was asleep.  I thought that was really sweet of her and I hope I didn't hurt her hand because I do remember squeezing it.
3 hours later....
I wake up in recovery and was quite active right away. Unlike last time I felt no nauseiating affect from the anesthesia. Plus I didn't get blood in my stomach like during the first surgery as the bottom jaw does not bleed as much. The nurse was right over to check on me, gave me a nice cold cup of water which hurt like a bitch to my throat. Next thing I noticed was that I really really had to pee. So the nurse bought me a bed pan, oh yes, previous to the surgery I was given desposable underwear and when I woke up they were gone. I was afraid I was violated or something because it did hurt to pee. I asked the nurse why would I be feeling pain. She told me they put a catheter in during the surgery as I was being given a lot of fluid and needless to say I may have voided myself and it was needed. Not happy about that bc I seriously felt like I was passing a stone and the pain stayed with me till the next day =(
But on the happier news. I really was pretty active.
As you can see I am awake taking this picture. This was taken maybe 3 hours after the surgery though as I was not allowed to have a phone in recovery.
At one point I remember asking for my parents and when I looked to my right it was my twin sister walking in. I smiled as best as I could as I was really surprised and happy to see her. However, I felt bad because my eyes were getting very heavy again and I started dozing off on her.
AND, of course the greatest news of all. Because I was feeling really good and looking good I was allowed to go home same day. I can not tell you how happy that makes me feel as I now just saved 1k bucks from a copay that I did not want to pay. =)

It is now Friday and I can't really explain how I feel just yet. My neck is pretty stiff and have recently taken a Vicodin because the right side of my jaw hurts when it spasms. I have gotten bruising on both my cheeks and the swelling is limited to just the cheeks and mouth and a little below the eyes. In about an hour or two I'm allowed to take the sling off but I'm thinking of leaving it on a bit longer as I can keep the ice against it and the pressure it preventing the swelling more. However, I just can't wait to be able to brush my hair. Its totally messy.
Well anyways, I'm gonna catch up on my shows now and stop writing because I think I'm beginning to feel the affect of the Vicodin and for all I know is my typing is just a bunch of letters. I'll keep everyone up to date about how I feel on the weekend and hopefully by next week I'll be mostly on my feet again.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I can't believe its been a year since my last surgery and finally onto the second part. Before I know it my braces will be off and I'll have that perfect smile and bite that I've been wanting for a very long time.
I saw my surgeon yesterday for my pre-surgical discussion. It went a lot better than I thought it would. I was nervous of what she would tell me about how long I will have bands on to keep my mouth shut. I only thought this because of other blogs I've read that people had bands on for almost 2 weeks and they were strictly on a liquid diet and have to use a syringe to eat. Lucky for me I will not have to have that and I'm beyond ecstatic. According to my surgeon I will only have a rubber band on each side of my mouth attaching the top and bottom. She said they would only be a guide for my jaw as my muscles will be weak. I will be able to remove the rubber bands to eat and brush my teeth. What a relief!!! The rubber bands will be used for at least 4 weeks; not so bad. However, anything that would require me to chew and grind my teeth (ex: a steak) would not be allowed to eat for about 8 weeks. =(

My mom went food shopping for me yesterday and got a bunch of stuff for me. As you can see plenty of soft foods. I probably won't be able to eat the ramen noodles at first but my mom thought the broth would be good. Also not in this picture is apricot and apple & prune baby food. Got to keep that digestive going normal when on a liquid diet. I was thinking of getting some protein powder as well and basically you can sprinkle it on everything and anything just to get that daily dose of protein to keep energy up. The only reason I have pediasure compared to Ensure is because my older sister used to drink the Ensure at least once a day. After a few weeks she started getting gallstones. As there is already of history of gallbladder issues in my family she ended up tracing it back to the ensure. I'm pretty sure it was because of the oil that was in it. So I suggest if you ever had gallstones or a family history of gallstones I would stay away from Ensure. (Of course, if you have you drank it plenty before with no issues I wouldn't change it)

My doctor also gave me this awesome book:
It has some great ideas as to what I can eat. Super soft meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I cannot wait to try some of the food in here. It all looks so delicious. =)

First Week
     - very thin liquids
     - NO raw eggs
     - NO chocolate chips =(
     - NO eskimo pie

YES: chocolate syrup ( I bought carnation instant breakfasts; my favorite)
         Nestle Quick - strawberry or Chocolate
         Libby's light fruit in a can

Second Week
- You may eat anything liquid in a blender

Some suggestions:
Cinnamon Treat
1/2 can Enrich Vanilla
2 scoops vanilla icecream
1 envelope instant breakfast (vanilla)
2 oz H & H
1 whole banana
4 oz Milk
Blend these items in blender until the consistency is thin enough to drink
Add Cinnamon for flavor

basically any soup you can find. At this moment I have potato and leek soup ( the best), (need to puree) paneras broccoli and cheddar soup and panera potato soup (can be found at BJ's of Costco's)

mashed potatoes is a great meal and I find it to be a very filling.
Pasta Meals:
use 1 jar of Ragu pasta meals
Add a little extra sauce, water, spices
shredded cheese
Cook as directed on jar
Blend in blender, strain and serve
(the cheese will make this thick so if you need it thinner just add water)

Milkshakes! Milkshakes! Milkshakes! (the possibility is endless with this one)

I was also given a small care package for when I go to the hospital and when I come home.
- a tongue cleaner
- mouth wash (I did get a prescription for a different mouthwash that I would be using for at least 2 weeks after the procedure)
- toothpaste
-chapstick (I will also buy more aquafore. I swear by that lip moisturizer)
- a toothbrush small enough for me not to open my mouth to wide and,
- a small brush that will help remove food around the gum and brackets.

I hope this information helped. I'm glad my doctor gave me practically everything I would need just because I'm totally unorganized and wasn't prepared and what I should make.
As for today I just did some final prepping. Did a bunch of laundry because I definitely would not be doing it for a good week and cleaned my blankets so I have fresh bedding when I come home.
And today at work were going out to dinner to J&R's for my birthday. As my 25th birthday is April 12th and I would not be able to enjoy a juicy delicious burger. Aren't my co-workers just the sweetest. So I'm ending my week with them with a very lovely day =)

Next time you hear from me it would probably be a few days after the surgery!!!!
Toodles =)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 weeks till surgery

Still very excited and very nervous for the coming date. I saw my orthodontist for the last time before my surgery.  He replaced all the elastic bands around the brackets with steel ties. The reason for this is because if an elastic band was to break during surgery the wire can shift and make things more difficult to move. The steel ties would help keep the wire in place. The hooks between each tooth were tightened as well.

This past Tuesday I had my appointment with my surgeon. Pictures, molds and x-rays were taken. It was quite a process as I was there for an hour and a half. But I am finally done with all the prep work. At least with the most part for my mouth. No more prodding and poking and my mouth can finally have a break. I still have my pre-op testing on the 22nd, a medical clearance appointment on the 25th and finally my surgical discussion on the 26th. =)

I have made a supply list so far based on other blogs I have seen on here. I would of never thought of half of these things on my own. I'm still working on what foods to make. I have carnation instant breakfast which I drank quite often during my first surgery. Nana's making me the potato and leek soup and i figured I'd go to BJs and grab from of the panera soup they have and puree them more if necessary.


-aquarfor lip balm ( which I already live on and find its the greatest lip moisturizer)
-baby toothbrush
-coconut water
-antibiotics (given from doctor)
-donut shaped airplane neck pillow
-pill crusher

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 weeks till surgery

Today marks 3 weeks until my surgery. I really cannot wait but I am also terrified. Lately, I've been checking out other blogs and trying to get ideas as to what meals I would be able to make and eat. So far I have about 4 things on my list. During my first surgery my Nana made this amazing potato and leeks soup. I ate it literally everyday so I called and asked if she can fill my fridge up with that. I really just want it to be the 28th already and then the months can start slowing down.

I saw my primary care physician the other day to get a prescription for my lips. I kept getting these really dry spots on the corner of my lips and they hurt so much and I could hardly open my mouth. I started using the cream two days ago and they cracks and dryness are already gone. I would of been really upset if i had to deal with these uncomfortable sores during the surgery and I'm hoping they stay away till then.
Oh yeah, I remember the last time I wrote that I didn't want to see this pcp because I found out my old pcp took HIP. At least, that's what it said according to the website. However, when I went to make an appointment the receptionist said they did not accept HIP and she was really rude about it. At that point I wasn't even going to argue and just accepted it and called my other pcp because I really had to get an appointment. When I called the receptionist there were extremely nice and helpful and my pcp (even though I haven't seen her since last march) remembered I was going for the surgery before even looking anything up and asked how I was doing. She was really sweet and now I'm really happy my old doctor didn't take HIP. =)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Surgery

I finally received my letter in the mail from my surgeon letting me know that my next surgery is going to be March 28th at 10am at LIJ. I'm beyond excited to finally see that date but at the same time I am very nervous. This surgery is definitely going to be a lot different then the first. I have my pre-surgery discussion on the 22nd of March to go over everything that will be happening. I am mostly aware of what needs to be done but just nervous of the actual process.
But now I have to go through the process again of visiting doctors to get medical clearance and such and such. The one thing I wasn't looking forward to is having to see my primary care physician for the clearance. I had to change my insurance in order to stick with the surgeon but that meant losing my pcp. I had to find anyone else close by that took HIP. The only time I ever been to that doctor was for my first medical clearance and I did not like it. Granted the physicians and secretary's were nice but it wasn't MY doctors. However, I found out the other day my old primary care now takes HIP so I'm beyond excited that I can go right back to him.
I'm really happy this is going very smoothly. It's been almost one year since my first surgery (March 22nd), which I cannot believe at all. And the second one will be here and over with in a snap of a finger. I'm really curious of the healing process for this surgery. The first one was great so I'm hoping this one will be too. Also, I'm turning 25 April 12th so I'm really hoping most of the swelling would of gone down by then.
But in the meantime I just got to wait...

38 days till my surgery =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FINALLY...some pictures

Just received my new laptop today. Therefore I can get some pictures up for you guys. I really thought I had more, but most have been on my phone and I have lost some pictures so I'll put up what I can.
I had the palette expander put on in March 2 012and this was before the surgery so no movement has been made. 

This is around June 2012. 8 millimeters have been expanded and  you can see such a difference. The  gap doesn't look so large because the teeth have moved since I took this pic.

Now we jump to Jan 2013. I wish I had some more before pictures. I realize I did not get them so many of  them. In this picture I moved my lower jaw forward to show the effect of what my teeth should look like after the second surgery. There is still a slight space between the top and bottom teeth but my  surgeon said that will be closed when she works on the lower jaw.
This photo is old. This is from Jan 2012. As you can see my top is is pretty narrow looking and the two front teeth almost come to a point. It makes my mouth look smaller then the rest of my features.
Not a very straight on smile. But you can get a general idea.  You can see how my jaw has been widened and fits to my face a bit better than before. I do have a picture that's looking straight on but I need to do a little digging for it. I know it was taken a few months ago. This one is from Dec 2013.

So there you have. Finally have a few pictures up. Again, sorry there's not more when I swore there was. I'll get a few more up close so you can see more changes. Especially my bottom jaw. Those wore horrendous and now they are gorgeously straight. Still hoping March 28th is my date for the second surgery. Keep those fingers crossed still! =)

Monday, January 14, 2013

5 months since I last posted...

As I said before, I am absolutely terrible at keeping this blog up to date. I'm sorry for not having many pictures up as I said I would but my computer is garbage and I can't seem to post pics easily from my phone. However, I will have a new laptop by the end of this week and I can maybe keep this up to date easier.
But on to the more exciting news. I have been seeing my orthodontist every 3 weeks since August. Constant wire changing, a few brackets moved and the usual discomfort after my doctor fiddle around. Other than that not too many things have happened over the last 5 months. This was the part where I just had to wait for all my teeth to move. And boy have they. I cannot wait to get pictures up for all too see. I smile nearly everyday and every time I pass a mirror I have to stop and stare. My orthodontist and surgeon have been more than amazing throughout this whole process. They cannot wait to see results either.
For those who have had braces or has them now you know it's just a process with braces. One wire goes on and it does its job. You go back to get a new wire to move teeth more etc etc. I've gotten to the point where I just want them off because I think my teeth look amazing but at the same time I know it'll only get better. I was at my surgeons office the other day and we made a tentative date for my second surgery (march 28th). I was very excited to here that date. It would be almost exactly a year since my first surgery , which I can of believe. I then saw my orthodontist today. Had some molds taken so they can start creating my surgical wires. The appointment took nearly an hour because an anchor was lose, a bracket broke off and I have a tubular bracket on my back took that was clamped shut because of my chewing. Had to get a new one or else the wire wouldn't fit. I have what's considered the surgical wire on the top teeth just without hooks and the bottom teeth have a slightly smaller wire because I have 2 teeth that still need to shift a bit. Well actually one really. I had a front tooth that was set back further than the other. My ortho took some sandpaper looking sheet and shaved a few teeth down to make room for the tooth to come forward. He then just literally pushed that tooth into place and voila it's perfect now. He feels the march 28th date is a very plausible date and we are definitely aiming for it. I sure hope so because my 25th birthday is in April and I don't want to look like a swollen melon for it. I'll be seeing him again at the end of January to have the top surgical wire put in. In February I'll be down in NC for a week, so hopefully when I get back the bottom teeth will be in the place they need to be and then ill have that bottom surgical wire placed in. Keep those fingers crossed for me!!!

And I really promise. I will have those pictures up by the end of the week. I have taken a few each month :)