Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick update

I realize I have not made a post in almost a month. Not much has changed to really make a post. I've been back and work and my doctor told me I can go back to eating anything. Which surprised me Because I only had soft food for about 3 weeks. Which was not bad at all. However certain foods like my chocolate bunny that I got from Easter is still way to hard to bite. I tried eating it and Oww did my mouth hurt. :( I still have the ugly gap between my teeth which is making me feel so self conscious. Many people I talk to said they didn't notice but I'm not sure if they really didn't see it or we're just being polite. I'm seeing my surgeon again next week for a follow up and I'm really hoping she says everythin looks great and maybe I can get braces on my top teeth a bit earlier. I saw her last month and that went well. I also been checking oh what my upper gums look like at least twice a week to see how they are healing and everything looks amazing. All my stitches have dissolved and you can hardly see where they made incisions. However I can still feel it and hope my gums smooth out a little. As for my orthodontist. I haven't seen him in over a month. I figured I'd make an appointment with him after I see my surgeon. Plus I need to get the wire on my bottom teeth clipped or changed. My lower teeth are practically straight now and i cannot stop running my tongue on the back of them. Though the wire is now cutting into my cheek in the back so something has to be done. But anyways. That's really it. No major changes except for some teeth movement. No complaints of pain and as for feeling I still have some weird spots. Just below my right eye feels weird but slowly coming back and the corner or my right upper lip. But that too is getting more feeling. As for my gums there are some parts I can feel but they are still mostly numb. I was told that was normal but I'm still bringing it up at the appointment. But I'll let you all know how that goes next week :)