Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FINALLY...some pictures

Just received my new laptop today. Therefore I can get some pictures up for you guys. I really thought I had more, but most have been on my phone and I have lost some pictures so I'll put up what I can.
I had the palette expander put on in March 2 012and this was before the surgery so no movement has been made. 

This is around June 2012. 8 millimeters have been expanded and  you can see such a difference. The  gap doesn't look so large because the teeth have moved since I took this pic.

Now we jump to Jan 2013. I wish I had some more before pictures. I realize I did not get them so many of  them. In this picture I moved my lower jaw forward to show the effect of what my teeth should look like after the second surgery. There is still a slight space between the top and bottom teeth but my  surgeon said that will be closed when she works on the lower jaw.
This photo is old. This is from Jan 2012. As you can see my top is is pretty narrow looking and the two front teeth almost come to a point. It makes my mouth look smaller then the rest of my features.
Not a very straight on smile. But you can get a general idea.  You can see how my jaw has been widened and fits to my face a bit better than before. I do have a picture that's looking straight on but I need to do a little digging for it. I know it was taken a few months ago. This one is from Dec 2013.

So there you have. Finally have a few pictures up. Again, sorry there's not more when I swore there was. I'll get a few more up close so you can see more changes. Especially my bottom jaw. Those wore horrendous and now they are gorgeously straight. Still hoping March 28th is my date for the second surgery. Keep those fingers crossed still! =)

Monday, January 14, 2013

5 months since I last posted...

As I said before, I am absolutely terrible at keeping this blog up to date. I'm sorry for not having many pictures up as I said I would but my computer is garbage and I can't seem to post pics easily from my phone. However, I will have a new laptop by the end of this week and I can maybe keep this up to date easier.
But on to the more exciting news. I have been seeing my orthodontist every 3 weeks since August. Constant wire changing, a few brackets moved and the usual discomfort after my doctor fiddle around. Other than that not too many things have happened over the last 5 months. This was the part where I just had to wait for all my teeth to move. And boy have they. I cannot wait to get pictures up for all too see. I smile nearly everyday and every time I pass a mirror I have to stop and stare. My orthodontist and surgeon have been more than amazing throughout this whole process. They cannot wait to see results either.
For those who have had braces or has them now you know it's just a process with braces. One wire goes on and it does its job. You go back to get a new wire to move teeth more etc etc. I've gotten to the point where I just want them off because I think my teeth look amazing but at the same time I know it'll only get better. I was at my surgeons office the other day and we made a tentative date for my second surgery (march 28th). I was very excited to here that date. It would be almost exactly a year since my first surgery , which I can of believe. I then saw my orthodontist today. Had some molds taken so they can start creating my surgical wires. The appointment took nearly an hour because an anchor was lose, a bracket broke off and I have a tubular bracket on my back took that was clamped shut because of my chewing. Had to get a new one or else the wire wouldn't fit. I have what's considered the surgical wire on the top teeth just without hooks and the bottom teeth have a slightly smaller wire because I have 2 teeth that still need to shift a bit. Well actually one really. I had a front tooth that was set back further than the other. My ortho took some sandpaper looking sheet and shaved a few teeth down to make room for the tooth to come forward. He then just literally pushed that tooth into place and voila it's perfect now. He feels the march 28th date is a very plausible date and we are definitely aiming for it. I sure hope so because my 25th birthday is in April and I don't want to look like a swollen melon for it. I'll be seeing him again at the end of January to have the top surgical wire put in. In February I'll be down in NC for a week, so hopefully when I get back the bottom teeth will be in the place they need to be and then ill have that bottom surgical wire placed in. Keep those fingers crossed for me!!!

And I really promise. I will have those pictures up by the end of the week. I have taken a few each month :)