Monday, April 8, 2013

11 days post op

Today I have to go back to work =(
But at the same time I'm looking forward to finally getting back onto a schedule. However, before dealing with work I opted to take a nice walk because its beyond beautiful out and I needed to do a little shopping at Walmart.

Not to much has changed in the last few days. The worst part of this week was when I dyed the underside of my hair I ended up having an allergic reaction. My chest, stomach, back and arms were covered in hives when I woke up that next morning. It was a different hair dye I used than normal. And for those that dye their hair you need to wash it till the water runs clear and this dye told me not to get it on my skin when washing it out so I just put my head under the shower and my sister helped me washed it. However, my jaw was hurting and I couldn't stay bent over so the water ended up running all over me when washing it out. So it was only my guess this the dye is what caused it. However, the swelling is almost completely gone but still some puffiness, but nearly as much to bother me so I'm willing to show my face in public. Lately I have been able to eat a little more such as mashed potatoes and yogurts because I can now remove the rubber bands. I have also been stretching my jaw 3 times a day. At this moment I can open my mouth to about a finger and a half. My doctor wants to me get to 3 fingers length and she said it would be a miracle if I could get 4. I stretch for about ten minutes at a time; open and close, then side to side. But that's about it the last few days, eating more and stretching.

Here's a photo update to show you guys how awesome I'm doing. Don't mind my face being somewhat red. I had just returned from my walk when I took this. =)

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  1. You look fantastic! Your swelling is going down so fast!