Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3: Keep on smiling

First I will start off that the season premiere of Doctor Who was Great!!!
Second great news: I slept like a baby last night. I could not have been happier. I believe I woke up once or twice to adjust positions but that's my norm.

I mostly just sat around again for the most of the day and took several naps just because I knew I could sleep comfortably this time. Had my carnation for breakfast and wasn't really feeling to hungry this morning. For dinner my mom made instant mashed potatos and added water to make it to the point I could drink. However, I did have a baby spoon and attempted to eat through the small space between my teeth. Wasn't the most successful as I had to watch myself using a hand mirror to make sure I was over opening my mouth and so I could find it. Took yet another nap after dinner till my brother came to pick me up to bring me to his  place so we can watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Two amazing shows if none of you have watched. Before heading to the house we stopped at pathmark to pick up some cheese and characters so the others over could eat. I saw the strawberry shortcake good humor bars on sale and snatched them up to make a shake. Just threw it in a blender, added milk and pushed liquify. It was sooooo good and  the liquify button mixes it so well the little bites pieces were good enough to drink and not get caught on my teeth. He also had some potato soup at home so of course I blended that up and put it in a cup and drank that as well. I haven't felt this full since Wednesday evening.

So now I'm finally back home and even though I'm ready for bed I decided to ice up one more time before going to sleep. Today was great, so I'm hoping this is just the start to an even better week. Even my parents are amazed with how well the my swelling and bruising have gone down already and the fact that my energy is pretty high. I'm not letting anything bring me down. I want to be back on my feet and feeling great by my appointment on the 5th. I want to walk in and they be like wow, you just had surgery a week ago but you look amazing. I bounced back pretty quick during my first surgery and I was groggy for two days even after that one. I'm feeling a really really good recovery coming my way!! =)

I will probably have a pic up tomorrow so you guys can see how AMAZING I'm doing!!!

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