Thursday, August 9, 2012


My last post was in May. Boy am I terrible at keeping up with this. Not to much has happened since I last posted but at the same time so many things have happened.  I had an appointment in July with my surgeon in hopes she would tell me that I can finally get the pallet expander out and to start putting the braces on my top teeth. To my excitement my wish finally came true. I literally walked into the surgeons office and she said call your orthodontist it is time to get those braces on.I was leaping for joy. I called my orthodontist that same day and asked if he has an opening in the morning. He did and was just as excited as I was. So the next day I head to my orthodontist. I was able to have the pallet expander removed and the first time since march I was able to feel the roof of my mouth and feel the difference that the surgery made. It was amazing!! The roof of my mouth had flattened out a bit and my tongue fit between my top teeth wonderfully. It was no longer narrow feeling. However, it was somewhat painful for it to be removed but it was a pain that I was willing to endure.

So it's been about a month since I've had the braces on and things are moving along wonderfully. Unfortunately  I still have a small gap that I hated for a long time but now it doesn't bother me as much. I have to go back at the end of August to my orthodontist in hopes of getting something that would help the gap close up completely. I cannot wait till it finishes closing. The shape of my mouth already looks great and once my top teeth move into place and the gap closes, its gonna look even better.

Oh right...the most important thing. My bite has changed drastically already. But of course, good drastically. For awhile only one side of my mouth would the top teeth touch the bottom. But now both sides fit rather well and comfortably. It's remarkable how things are moving and coming along.

*will have pics up shortly for everyone to see the differences =)