Monday, April 1, 2013

Photo Update!

I said I would have a photos for you guys and I do!

I put this photo up earlier but I figured seeing everything side by side it make it more clear. This ones several hours after surgery. It's tough to see how swollen I actually am because of the ice packs but you can tell my lip is quite puffy.

This photo is so UNFLATTERING. But wanted to show you guys two days post op. I say not so bad though my lip is still huge and now you can see some slight bruising. By the end of the day the swelling that was in my cheeks moved down towards my neck because I did not have my jaw bra on and gravity took over.

Day 4 post op. As you can see my lips are back to normal. =)
You can see the shape of my jawline and my chin is almost a chin again. The bruising has yellowed and as you can see the swelling went down significantly.
It was so beautiful out today and unlike when I took a walk Saturday I did not cover my face with a scarf and sun glasses so no one could see me. Now I just want to boast and be like I only had surgery 4 days!

My secret! ICE...ICE...ICE! I know I said it earlier but I will keep putting an emphasis on this. However, when I was writing this I was icing my jaw and the ice started melting and it leaked through the bag and right on to me =(


  1. You look awesome, Laura! Way to go! Don't know if you'd be interested, but I ordered a jaw bra from Amazon that worked really well for me. The gel packs it comes with freeze really fast, and are even great for heating once you get further along in your recovery (the heat will help soothe the sore muscles as they come back to life). Wishing you a very comfy rest of your recovery!

    1. What an awesome idea. I will definitely look into this. Thanks so much =)